Synthesis® Tool Suite

The best path to being certified for safe flight is leveraging experience

Cert Center Canada uses “Synthesis®” (licensed by Marinvent Corporation) which is is a purpose-built, web-based, software tool suite that has been developed to plan, optimize and manage the execution of complex programs that require the definition, collection and presentation of artefacts which show compliance with externally-governed, rigorous processes.

Synthesis® saves customers enormous amounts of time and money on certification programs, provides a real framework for re-use and provides management with an ideal tool to help integrate the supply chain and manage risk.

Synthesis® Key Features

  • Intuitive, web-based graphical user interface for ease of access
  • Out of the box documentation formats, business rules, workflows, checklists, etc., are all customized to fit individual customer’s needs
  • Role-based user profiles provide views into the tool data and also provide access only to predefined functionality
  • Database back-end ensures all data is stored at every level and retained for future re-use, from regulatory guidance to findings of compliance
  • All data and certification artefacts are collected and stored with unbreakable links
    • History cannot be lost
    • Always able to re-create a complete data and documentation set
  • Integrates with third-party tools to make adoption easier
  • Provides access to real-time Key Performance Indicators through comprehensive and customizable report interface
    • Provides full management visibility into progress internally and through supply chain
  • Requirements drive the master compliance matrix specified in the tool which in turn drives the project and/or certification plan
    • Ensures only work actually required is planned
  • Tools provided to optimize certification projects based on actual events
    • Dramatic time and cost savings
  • Flexible annual licensing scheme includes support from Marinvent

Synthesis® Benefits

  • Significant reduction in time and cost for management and execution of highly process-driven programs
  • Standardized, re-usable database of artefacts with end-to-end traceability
  • Standardized process rules, including comprehensive review and approval tracking, are enforced once defined by customer
  • Standardized business and documentation outputs that can optionally replicate existing, familiar formats or formats required by end customer
    • Built-in generic formats included as starting point
    • Ensures maximum re-use potential and ease of review
  • Intuitive, secure, Web-Based interface means that little training is required
  • Seamless integration with third party tools (DOORS, Microsoft Project, CM…) and existing company infrastructure
  • Completely integrated supply chain, however distributed
  • Real time availability of built in Key Performance Indicators and metrics with extensive, customizable report generation
  • Return On Investment (ROI) typically expected on first program application
    • ROI on derivative or follow-on programs is even greater due to real re-use of archived data


Application Spaces

  • Civil aircraft and avionics flight test and certification
  • Civil aircraft systems specification and selection
  • Military aircraft and avionics flight test and acceptance/certification
  • Military aircraft program specification and selection
  • Military land, sea and unmanned systems specification, selection, test and acceptance/certification
  • Expensive and critical process control, medical, power generation, power distribution, transportation, mining industries systems specification, selection, test and acceptance/certification