1998 – News Archive

TCL/MC3 Vector Graphics Library at UASC

October 01, 1998

NBAA – New Orleans – Universal Avionics Systems Corporation (UASC), announces UCD product, featuring Marinvent Corporation’s TCL/MC3 Vector Graphics Library licensed to Jeppesen Sanderson.

May ’98 News

May 01, 1998

Jeppesen Sanderson announces strategic alliance with Marinvent Corporation.

“Marinvent provides superior skills in the areas of system engineering; human factors analysis and software design and development” – Ed Schuster, Senior Manager, Cockpit Applications, Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.

Marinvent Corporation completes system engineering for NASA Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) Decision Support System (DSS)

Re-inventing the map

April 01, 1998

Jeppview and Pen Computers re-invent the map. Feature article in Pen Computing Magazine.