April 22, 2013 – News Archive

Marinvent Wins Training Contract With CAE Through CAPE Program

Montreal, Quebec, Monday, April 22, 2013 – Marinvent announces today the recent award of a DO-178C and DO-254 training contract with CAE Mission Solutions. This agreement has been awarded through the CAPE program. Marinvent will present a 4 day overview course to CAE covering RTCA DO-178C and DO-254 certification guidance for airborne systems.

The CAPE program is an agreement between ETS, McGill and other partners that has allowed the creation of standard training courses for the aerospace industry with the help of industrial companies like Marinvent. Under CAPE, Marinvent currently offers 5 courses that cover certification, flight test and avionics systems aimed at aerospace companies.

For Mr Richard Chénier, Director of Improvement Services at ETS, the CAPE program is an essential alliance for the Industry. “For ETS and McGill, the partnership with Marinvent permits to group together under a single banner all the indispensable improvement activities proposed to the aerospace industry’s professionals and engineers, said Mr. Chénier. The importance of this economic sector requires that all the best actors get together to strengthen and optimize their efforts. By working with Marinvent, ÉTS benefits of their great expertise with active experts in R&D. This improves the formation of regular students in the aeronautical concentration as well as the courses for continuous improvement. Eventually, this partnership will lead, for all the stakeholders, to gain a leader positioning on the local and international levels.”

“I am certainly delighted that Marinvent has been selected by CAE for such important training. Our relationship with CAE is very strategic for us. This training course opens a new and exciting line of collaboration between us that is focussed on avionics and aircraft systems certification,” said Phil Cole, VP Business Development at Marinvent Corporation. “Having the CAPE framework in place through which to organize and conduct this type of training is excellent for us and for local industry. Development of courseware is an expensive and time consuming proposition, so being able to leverage courses developed with a broader industry market makes such training more affordable to all and means that it can be scheduled more flexibly to satisfy real time demand for such training. The CAPE program allows us to focus on the development and delivery of the best course content because we can leave the administration and organization to our trusted partners in the CAPE team.”

About Marinvent

Marinvent is an aerospace R&D test and evaluation company headquartered in St-Bruno, QC. whose major function is to reduce the risk, life cycle cost, time to develop, and time to certify novel aerospace technologies for fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned platforms. Marinvent specializes in Flight Test Services, Systems Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Software Development and Civil Certification. JV Partner Marinvent and AdvAero have a stellar track record of providing outsourced software development and services, and have been awarded numerous Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), ranging from single display upgrades to complete cockpit retrofits, such as the Honeywell CDS/R® retrofit for the Piaggio P180 aircraft, which included a completely new Electronic Flight Instrumentation System, FMS, INS AHRS, autopilot interface, radar, lightning detection, EGPWS, T2CAS, and RVSM certification. Marinvent and AdvAero have more than 100 combined years of experience in the aerospace R&D, with a customer base extending from NASA to every major avionics manufacturer in North America.